Our Values, the Foundation of Our Success

Founded in 1990 by Zafer Gökşin, ZGK Gökşin Kimya Company is a pioneer in the production and supply of chemical products. Our company’s core values have been shaped by our 32 years of experience and our reliability in the industry. A customer-centric approach, quality, ethics, and industry leadership are the cornerstones of our business approach.


  1. Customer Focus: Understanding our customers’ needs and offering them the best solutions is at the heart of our business model. While providing high-quality products to our customers, we also commit to delivering excellent service at competitive prices.

  2. Quality: The quality of our products is our priority. With 32 years of experience, we continuously offer high-quality chemical products, ensuring trust from our customers.

  3. Ethical Business Principles: At ZGK Gökşin Kimya Company, we regard honesty and ethical behavior as integral parts of our business approach. Showing respect to our customers, business partners, and employees is fundamental for us.

  4. Business Ethics: We adopt an honest and ethical approach to business to enhance our visibility in the business world. We take pride in being recognized as a trustworthy and respected businessperson by our customers.

  5. Teamwork: We understand the importance of effective teamwork to achieve good business results and maintain quality. We regard our team members as the most valuable assets of our business.

  6. Employee Health and Safety: The health and safety of our team members are crucial parts of our business. We pay special attention to maintaining a healthy working environment and processes.

ZGK Gökşin Kimya Company is committed to preserving and advancing these values. Our commitments to our customers, business partners, and employees are the elements that shape and drive our business to success. We represent the keys to being a strong team and achieving sustainable success.