About us


We are ZGK Gökşin Chemical Company, established in 1990, a manufacturer and supplier of various chemicals. At our facility, we produce textile chemical auxiliaries and supply basic chemicals and dyestuffs. Initially providing our products to local companies, we have gradually grown to become a leading brand in our sector. Currently, we are not only one of the pioneering brands in our industry but also maintain a wide range of products, supplying them within a global business network. With 32 years of experience, we meet our customers’ demands with the stability and trust we have built over the years.

Since our inception, our company has been committed to delivering the highest standard of service to our customers. We take great pride in our impressive presence in the business world. We feel a deep sense of satisfaction in being recognized as a trustworthy, ethical, and genuine business entity in our industry, a reputation built through consistent feedback and engaging customer dialogues.

In addition to representing well-established and strong local companies like Akkim and Şişecam, we also serve as the representatives for prominent global brands such as Farbchemie Braun and 3v Sigma. Since 1990, we have been supplying a diverse range of high-quality products to textile companies in our region, backed by our commitment to excellent service.